Informatics Tools

The Informatics team can provide support for a number of different tools, useful for Cohort discovery, recruitment and retention, data capture, and research design. For this, you may need the help of a writing service. Usually, you can not only buy term papers online there but also get good advice about your project, help with checking content for plagiarism, and other services related to informatics tools.

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i2b2: informatics for integrating biology and the bedside

A scalable informatics framework that facilitates self-service exploration and query of the clinical data that has been de-identified and aggregated. i2b2 helps with study feasibility and cohort discovery by allowing a researcher to query various inclusion/exclusion criteria, as well as ascertain the potential for recruitment.

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power trials prescreening

A Cerner-developed, HIPAA compliant prescreening platform that enables a researcher to search the electronic health record (EHR) for potential research participants using pre-established, IRB-approved inclusion and/or exclusion criteria. This tool allows for the discovery of potentially eligible patients both at the point of care, and those admitted within a recent timeframe.

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TriNetX is a dynamic, data driven platform that accelerates research by leveraging the i2b2 data warehouse and Cerner PowerChart (EHR) to independently perform cohort discovery/feasibility searches using de-identified, aggregate data. Employing an easily navigable user interface, a researcher can generate a query using specific enrollment criteria (e.g., diagnosis, procedures, medications, labs, etc.). Additionally, TriNetX has the ability to perform analysis of the identified cohort and “estimated rate of arrival” projections.

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ResearchMatch is a NIH-funded, national registry that brings together researchers and 125,000+ volunteers who are interested in learning more about research studies. Used nationally by over 5,700 researchers, this novel platform has been helpful in recruiting research participants across many research areas, and has been particularly useful for research involving rare disease, surveys, and healthy volunteers.


ResearchMatch Guide for GW

ResearchMatch Guide for Children’s National

ResearchMatch IRB Language Template

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REDCap is a browser-based, metadata-driven Electronic Data Capture software solution and workflow methodology for designing clinical and translational research databases. 

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protocol builder

A secure, cloud-based application utilized to simplify the process of writing investigator-initiated protocols. Accessible online via a desktop or tablet, this tool facilitates the development of protocols that meet institutional research regulations (e.g., IRB, Research Administration, etc.), as well as Federal regulatory standards. 

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